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Oats with toppings


One-to-One Consultations

  • Following on from your free discovery call, there is a questionnaire and food diary to complete before your initial consultation which will last for 75 minutes.

  • During the initial consultation, we will look at your current and past history to understand the potential underlying imbalances which may be contributing to your symptoms. We'll then work together on your personal plan, which will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations. I prefer to take a food-first approach, although optional supplements may be suggested if relevant, and functional testing may be recommended if it can provide further insight to inform your plan.

  • During your follow-up appointments, we'll discuss your current health, any test results, and review and revise your plan accordingly.

All appointments are currently online via Zoom.

What does the treatment cost?

The initial appointment:            

£125.00 for one hour (to include a 15 min zoom or phone call with me to answer any questions or queries that you may have about the plan you will receive.


A follow up appointment 5-6 weeks later:

£100.00 for 45-55 minutes


Or: if you would like more help - a package of three appointments for £325 *£275 (provided all three appointments are attended).


It might be worth considering setting up a longer series of appointments (rates can be negotiated) as it can take many years for illnesses to develop and consequently some time to find relief. We can look at these options to find out what would be beneficial to you at the end of your initial treatment.

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